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Wastelands Update #13 - Looking for a Group

We've been working hard on the latest Wastelands patch and have a lot of new features, bug fixes and even a few easter eggs for you.

Check out the new LFG mode to speed up the grouping process and find new people to stand with you against The Iron Hand. Once the group leader has initiated a mission, group members will now have an accept dialog for coordinating the start of the mission. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

The Wastelands have expanded! There's a new area to the far right of the overworld that caps off the end of the first campaign, something to suit the mood of the final missions.

Below are some of the changes that have been made since our last patch, you can also see detailed notes while in game - click on the version number or the patchnotes button in the pause menu.

See you in the Wastelands!


  • Add pilot abilities to Warrior skills panel

  • Add 'Neo Stasis Blast Armor Piercing' property to parts that buff Stasis blast damage

  • Add support for fuel consumption on usage of Helix grenades ability and guided airmode missiles

  • Add support for energy use on Blade Guardian hits

  • Add preplace Skyeye units to "Black Hat" mission

  • Add new line of Plating Structural Parts

  • Add intro cinematic for acquiring Striker AirMech

  • Add Northeastern map art

  • Add Skull Pets

  • Add Book and Helmet Recipe Icon

  • Add Pilot animations and model update

  • Add icons for Stasis Ammo, Saucer Crystals, Saucer Beam and multi-launcher parts

  • Add Loadout options while in basecamp

  • Disable in game unit restocking from earned Salvage

  • Updating VIPShopTicket icon art

  • Add New 'Craftable' icon in inspector UI


  • Add hp and energy drain back to Osprey on it's drain beam ability usage

  • Buff enemy AI AirMech unit building speed in higher difficulty levels

  • Slightly increased the time between enemy unit spawns in "Last Run" mission

  • Update kudos level up cost for AirMechs

  • generally reducing at higher levels

  • Update 'Rapid Missile Loader' legacy parts missile fire speed (mk4 +500% -> +200%)

  • Increase unit restock price 20%

  • Increase per player enemy unit buffs in online games

  • Increase kudos costs required to upgrade the basecamp Hangar

  • Implement per player enemy unit difficulty scalars in coop games against ai

  • Give helix grenades the same missile damage buffs that the rockets/missiles have (multilauncher projectiles)

  • Don't apply difficulty salvage bonus to destroyed allied units

  • Buff allied and enemy fortress HP in higher difficulty levels

  • Add an "Epic" repair tool part at L60 for Osprey

  • Gorgon attack range decreased from 22 to 17

  • Don't allow Angel's sniper stasis ability to charge up more than 1 shot

  • AirMech Boost energy use increased from 1.0 to 2.5

  • AirMech Boost cooldown increased from 0.21 to 0.42

  • Blade Guardian energy drain from 0.1 -> 0.3


  • Fix issues with Helix grenade damage calculation and rebalance DPS per council feedback.

  • Fix persistence of pilot point allocation

  • Fix angel sniper stasis shot ability not triggering correctly on F3/keyboard activation

  • Show "watch" ui when clicking on the "BaseComms" structure in the basecamp

  • Refresh lobby unit supply count after restocking

  • Fix visibility issues for simple group members in lobby

  • Fix terrain tiles on "Black Hat" that would sometimes have a black line when flying around

  • Fix unit stack count display not updating in multiplayer games

  • Fix unit selector in loadout customization UI in Wastelands

  • Fix team color mapping on the minimap in coop games (allied outposts sometimes shown as red on the minimap)

  • Fix pilot portrait getting into a bad state when you leave lobby

  • Fix loadout selection/customization in Wastelands lobby

  • Fix loadout loading on "Strike Force" mission

  • Fix for potential game desync on death with scrappers active

  • Fix for "Running on Fumes" sometimes not appearing as completed after a Victory

  • Fix floating assets near southern Outpost on "Sierra Pass"

  • Fix end game defeat messages spamming if fort is destroyed on "Iron Duel"

  • Fix bug report ui from popping behind the pause menu

  • Fix blank button when in a group and you hover over an sg member card

  • Potential fix for stuck unit recycling state

  • Fix display on minimap of neutral outposts to be grey

  • Added missing Gothic Saucer and head to the Collection Sets

  • Add terrain height tracking on Bomber Mantis strike projectile to improve it's usability on sloped terrain

  • Add Fall Crate to Crates Inventory Set

  • Timing fixes for the "Boss Unit" spawns on "Shoulders of Giants"

  • Timing fixes for TankHeavy spawns in "Snowfall"


  • Swap bunkered Brutes in Angel of Death mission for Butchers

  • speed up selection of explosive vs bombard skill usage

  • Space out Vulcan spawn times on "Crossroads", so they don't spawn ontop of each other

  • Remove outposts form Scrapyard. Improves friendly AI logic.

  • Reduce the HP Bonus for new StrPlt parts, removed Armor Bonus, added DamageReduceBonus

  • Reduce Service Level of themed shops to a max of 10

  • Potential fix for inactive AI on "Shoulder of Giants"

  • Pilot can no longer boost. Only jump

  • Move bug report button into settings menu

  • Fixing timing of first outpost captured story bits in "Strike Force" mission

  • Adding pilot cape customization slot

  • Adding sun rays to shop selection, removing outlines

  • Add Camera intro transitions

  • update FX fire direction for non-airmech collision targets when firing. Makes fire tracer fx look more connected/to their target being damaged

  • Tweak AI to not get stuck trying to select units. Don't sit there trying to build defenses for the outpost when it have nothing valid to build.

  • make airmech grenades (helix) properly scale their blast damage against various target type (mult modifiers)

  • fix stasis shot chance on by default (was on in testing, should have been removed)

  • Don't aim while transforming. Fixes some animation jitter when tranforming.

  • cleanup and reduce multilauncher use fuel consumption rates

  • Adjust sniper shot to not shoot over outposts and forts.

  • Adding Void Recipe Icons for airmechs

  • Add scissors plans

  • Add recipes/plans for fine scrap and alloy so new craftable ui will trigger on them

  • Add recipes for econ/tax books

  • Add recipe/plan for void eagle

  • Add plans for hellstorm brute and devastator

  • Add Memo pad Plans

  • Add Kettle corn recipe setup

  • Add Hellstorm Hatty and Haat recipes

  • Add crafting recipe for Void skull

  • Add clickable version number to open Patch notes

  • Angel's stasis shot now effects flying units

  • Stubbing in display of more info on unit mouse over


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