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Carbon Games was founded in 2011 by a small group of friends who wanted to make games a little differently. We all worked at companies big and small, from bootstrapped to international giants, and wanted to get back to basics.

We built our own tech and brought our game ideas to life. We've had quite an adventure so far and are excited about the future. We just love making "stuff" and being able to follow our hearts to lead us through the industry. For some of us that is a love of design, and others take pride in creating clever approaches to the technology we develop.

Carbon is quite a small studio considering we have built our own game engine, backend, and operate multiple live game projects. We can only achieve this with the support of a passionate community of players. The line between a Carbon employee and a community moderator becomes blurred--there are many players who can also be thought of as "Carbon" in that they work with us to make the game and community better.

This organic approach to our work and interaction with the community is very dear to us. We think this is important as an independent developer and invite you to join us. How? That is up to you....

Join Us


Love AirMech so much that playing it isn't enough–you want to work on it? You've seen us in chat, stalked us on Twitter and Facebook, and thought to yourself "If only I was a Carbon Dev, that would be the coolest thing ever..." but you didn't know how to apply? Well, you found this page, so you passed the first part of the test!

As Carbon Games is a small (but loveable!) indie developer, there are a few things that all of our jobs have as common requirements:

  • Candidates must be ok with working onsite in downtown Bellevue, WA - we don't currently offer remote employment opportunities for full positions. But! Downtown Bellevue is an awesome place with lots of food options within easy walking distance, and right in the heart of one of the premier hubs for game development in the world.

  • You must be insanely passionate about making games, and willing to go the extra mile in the pursuit of making something truly special. We want to work with amazing people who want to make amazing games.

  • Every person must be an immediately productive addition to the team - expect to dive in and get your hands dirty right away!


Carbon Tech

We've crafted a robust in-house tech base.

We've done a lot with a small team and we have amazing tools at our disposal to make great games.


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