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Alpha Update #14 - Next stop Beta!

June 22nd is the release of the new AirMech soundtrack created for Wastelands. It is titled WarMech as a compliment to the original, and referencing the WarMechs that are encountered in the Wastelands campaign. We'll do an update when that is live, as there is a bunch of new exclusive content that is unlocked if you buy the album on top of hearing the amazing new music created by Front Line Assembly.

With the release of the soundtrack we also plan to switch from "alpha" to "beta". This means all the major systems will be in place and we move into the mode of finishing the game as we envisioned it. The Alpha Pet will be retired, and a Beta Pet will be the new bonus, and that change will happen soon.

From finishing the game, we can see how much we want to expand it from what players are interested in. What is more important--more missions or more Parts? The dynamic raids are intended to be the dynamic endgame even to keep things interesting. Or should we add the (completely unbalanced and uncontrolled) PvP Arena? Maybe crafting should get a lot more focus for creating new parts and benefits. We're interested in putting more time into things we see players spending time with while playing.


  • Added New Audio for Missions

  • Added New End of Game Sequence and Quest rewards

  • Added New Wasteland specific Quests and Achievements

  • Added Paladin Aura part icons

  • Added Lucky Coin legendary Pilot item

  • Added Skull Ring legendary Pilot item

  • Added Armored Vest legendary Pilot item

  • Added Defensive Colossus units near Wave Cannon on "Death March"

  • Adding red cape color for pilot customizations


  • Clean Up of Mission and Story text

  • Update Shop level allocation and available Items

  • Update Shop content lists to match new max level

  • Update AirMech class filter style in hangar

  • Lots of small Timing Fixes for Missions with Enemy Waves

  • Adding Support for Pilot bombard ability

  • Quick sell configuration cleanup

  • Rework hierarchy of Commander pilots skills page

  • Remove leader boards button from bottom bar in Wastelands

  • Normalize stats for legacy themed Items for wastelands

  • Adding more intro cameras for missions

  • Add additional mechs to enemy AI selection for variation when playing coop


  • Tweaks to the new hangar

  • New latency check for Hong Kong region, should help players there

  • Fix group members showing up in the basecamp

  • Fix for "continue" button not working on a pilot mission

  • Update player starts on missions so players aren't spawning on top of each other


  • Jumper HP decreased from 300 to 225

  • Jumper armor decreased from 35 to 25

  • Bomber melee armor piercing increased from 30 to 50

  • Reduce stat buffs from some of the Commander pilot skills


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