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Wastelands Update #12 - Parts

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

New items, more power! We've added new series of items including the Protector Helm, Comm Link types, Cloak Charger, new ammo types and more.

Check out the details below.

General Updates:

  • Adding offensive and defensive command module parts

  • Adding melee damage to Neo Cloak Charger (primary) parts

  • Adding 'Hammer Stasis Time' modifier to Hammer Charger parts

  • Adding 'EMP Stasis Time Bonus' modifiers to Neo Parts

  • Adding 'Protector Helm' parts

  • Adding 'Reaper Assault' Helm parts

  • Adding addition ammo parts, and new 'Stasis Ammo' legendary parts

  • Adding a legendary/epic properties for parts

  • Adding additional engine parts to fill level gaps

  • Adding Void Eagle nanoforge formula

  • Adding Void Shot Tracers to Void Collection Set

  • Update waves on "Running on Fumes" to include units that attack the player's fortress

  • Update unit attack waves on "Angel of Death" mission

  • Update Terrain on "Angel of Death" mission

  • Right clicking on market item will show all items by that seller

  • Add 'Craftable' icon and tooltips on item inspect


  • Buff damage numbers (x3) on Bomber Mantis Plasmids parts. Add an 'Epic Mantis Plasmids' part

  • Buff Bomber Bomb parts and add an 'Epic Advanced Bomb' part

  • Buff Bomber blades parts (2x damage) and add 'Epic Slayers Blades' l60 part

  • Slightly increased the time between enemy unit spawns in "Last Run" mission

  • Seeker hit points increased from 950 to 1150

  • Jammer move speed increased from 3 to 6

  • Gemini shot damage decreased from 100 to 80

  • Gemini carry weight decreased from 1300 to 1150

  • Gemini build time decreased from 8.0 to 7.5

  • Gemini build cost decreased from 7000 to 6000

  • Gemini aim turn rate increased from 80 to 95

  • Gangster upkeep increased from 1 to 2

  • Gangster HP decreased from 1600 to 1375

  • Blade Guardian can now hit targets while in air mode

  • Armadillo hit points increased from 850 to 950


  • Fix total wave display on "Running on Fumes" displaying 10 total waves instead of 9

  • Fix the Victory audio being played twice when completing "Last Stand"

  • Fix some floating assets in the "Site 52" missions

  • Fix right click inspect in vendor ui after inspecting a bundle

  • Fix for missing enemy units on minimap in some Wastelands missions

  • Fix bomber bombs ability charging & energy usage when used with a part/modifier that boosts charge speed.

  • Fix for Neo EMP triggering cooldown but not EMP attack/effect on triggering close to transform transition

  • Fix horns on Blue Skull pet

  • Fix honor badge trailing space

  • Fix for diamond bundles showing up in collection wish list

  • Fix cleanup of do not disturb state on the client

  • Fix barrel spin for Nexus Warthog robot mode

  • Don't toggle chat box if pressing enter while writing a mail message

  • Clear mini inspect dialog when you try to market list something


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