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AirMech Strike Review

Those crazy (some might say MAD) gamers over at Mad Download took the time to write up a review of AirMech Strike. It gives a bit of history of the game and how it evolved to where it is today, so it's a bit of a history lesson too for anyone new to AirMech.

We don't normally link to specific reviews but the team over there reached out to us and when we saw they took the time to do a proper write-up it seems only fitting to help them get their new site going. A bit of games, a bit of movies, nice site actually. And no they didn't pay me to say that! I see a lot of gaming sites these days go political or wander way off topic--it's nice to see a new site that can just do simple (but real) reviews again. Kudos to them.

It does mix up a little bit some of the features (parts customization) from Wastelands here, but that's understandable. Hopefully we'll see a full AirMech Wastelands review in the future...


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