On the eve of the Xbox 360 launch of AirMech


A few hours from now the Xbox 360 version of AirMech will go live. We don't know exactly when, just a window of time, so I should probably get some sleep. Tomorrow should be interesting. Time to dump out some thoughts before everything catches fire...


AirMech Arena coming to Xbox 360 from Ubisoft and Carbon!


On Monday Ubisoft let the world know the exciting news about AirMech coming to Xbox 360 as AirMech Arena. Let's take this step by step and explain why this is amazing news for the future of AirMech on all platforms!


New Website, Gothic Angel, New Environments...and Flappy Bird?


AirMech finally has a new website! This is one of those projects we've been working on in the background for a while now, and it's at the point where we want to set it live and start sharing it with the world.


First Patch of the New Year


I don't think we've gone this long without a patch ever! As those of you who were with us over the holiday, you probably noticed that much of our time was spent on server work. We're happy to say we think the worst is behind us...


Why Servers Crashing is a Good Thing


If you've been playing (or trying to play) AirMech the past week and weekend you probably noticed we've had a lot of server downtime and restarts. As a gamer, when that happens to me with a game I want to play nothing makes me more upset.


AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot AirMech Screenshot

The Music

You will enjoy listening to AirMech as much as
playing it, I promise, because it's awesome!

The soundtrack of AirMech is created by Front Line Assembly,
one of the best electronic and industrial music bands.

"...Even for non-gamers, AirMech is definite
keeper for FLA fans and anyone who
grooves on dark, violent and cinematic-
scale industrial & EBM...